End Violence against Women and Children

Nov 18, 2022

‘Violence against women and children is a problem of epidemic proportions in Australia’ Department of Social Services (DSS) states in the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-2032, a joint Australian, state and territory government initiative released October 2022.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women face violence at a higher than average rate, in Australia today, this report highlights the harrowing fact that: One in 3 women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15 while one in 5 have experience sexual violence.

The National Plan has four areas of interest: prevention, early intervention, response, and recovery & healing, with over 3000 people engaged in the consultation process where survivors, advocates, service providers, industry, community organisations and the public shared their reflections or stories.

Following this report, three more plans will be released to highlight actions the Government will take, these include an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Action Plan said to be released in 2023. Additionally, the Government has stated that in the future there will be a specific First Nations National Plan, focusing on the violence that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children experience and addressing the gap.

Murawin, aware of the struggles that Indigenous women and children face, has been supporting a number of initiatives that aid survivors of domestic violence. These include Cultural Camps for Aboriginal women, educational support for children and organisations such as Jindas (NSW) and Strong Women Talking (QLD), “grassroots movements of First Nations sisters and aunties who are passionate about breaking the cycle of violence”. Strong Women Talking provides, workshops, programs, counselling and all-around support for women and children who are victim-survivors of violence. Strong Women Talking focuses on sisterhood relationships between Indigenous women, “Our Aunties – make up a huge part of what we do. They’re just a phone call away”.

This focus makes Strong Women Talking and other similar organisations support special, it stands to reach more Indigenous women and genuinely make more impact. Sacred culture and community is understood to be a crucial aspect to healing and breaking the cycles of violence for their sisters and children.

Together, we can support organisations like this and create impact to lives. In addition, to strive for an end to violence against women and children, we must ensure our expectations do not slip to the level of the National Plan consultation findings. Together Australia must take action, make change, and impact tomorrow.

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Learn more about the National Plan here: https://lnkd.in/gaznt9yU