Murawin supports TEQ in launching their Reconciliation Action Plan

15 February 2022

 Tourism & Events Queensland (TEQ) recently took an important step in launching its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) July 2021 – July 2022.

TEQ recognises the importance of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage. The RAP demonstrates TEQ’s deep commitment to fostering and growing Indigenous tourism and advancing Queensland’s cultural businesses connected to the Tourism Industry.

Through the launch of their Reflect RAP, TEQ are enthusiastically advocating for Indigenous Australians and are valuing our mob’s contributions as significant stakeholders and successful participants in the Queensland and indeed Australian economy.

In June 2020, TEQ engaged Murawin’s Reconciliation Action Plan Service to guide the organisation in the development of their inaugural Reflect RAP.

We completed a comprehensive program of audit and analysis and executed an engagement schedule with TEQ staff, Indigenous tourism businesses and other external stakeholders to understand and identify opportunities to engage with Indigenous peoples and to inform the key priorities for TEQ.

Throughout this program, the discussions Murawin held with Indigenous businesses and communities who work closely with TEQ were overwhelmingly positive.

Murawin’s CEO, Carol Vale shared, “Working with TEQ and their stakeholders was a productive and enriching experience. Many of the individuals and groups we met with said that they found TEQ to be highly supportive. Clearly there are strong relationships between key staff within TEQ and the Indigenous tourism sector”.

We consulted with Indigenous owned tourism businesses, convened workshops with members of the TEQ Board and their staff from across the state, as well as in TEQ’s international sites. We began by asking them all the question: 

How can we, together, play a role in growing the Indigenous Tourism sector in Queensland and have Queensland become the Indigenous tourism destination of choice?

“Together we were able commence TEQ’s Reconciliation journey, centring on three key pillars: building relationships, embedding respect for Indigenous culture, and creating opportunities for Indigenous tourism and economic participation,” Ms Vale shared.

TEQ have demonstrated their commitment towards Reconciliation and will play an important role in showcasing Indigenous culture to not only Queensland, but the entire world. We wish TEQ the very best in their Reconciliation journey.

Click here to view TEQ’s Reconciliation Action Plan or to learn more about Murawin’s Reconciliation Action Plan service, email