First Nations Business Research Summit 

Aug 18, 2023

Thursday this week saw the inaugural First Nations Business Research Summit hosted at the University of Sydney Business School. The summit brings together #thoughtleaders and #entrepreneurs in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business sector, and Murawin CEO Carol Vale spoke on her extensive experience, deep passion, and vivid vision for the sector. 

“The Voice and Business” was the theme set to guide the speakers; Carol, George Denny-Smith and Deb Barwick. In the safe and inclusive space, the speakers and attendees were able to openly discuss relevant research, thoughts, ideas, and uncertainties surrounding the topic of First Nations business and the referendum. Inclusive spaces for open discussion, listening and connection are valuable as we progress toward the referendum this year, a precious opportunity for change.

At Murawin we believe change is needed, Close the Gap data clearly illustrates this. We see the opportunity to recognise our First Nations people in the constitution and celebrate their voice as something to be warmly welcomed.

The value of the opportunity is clear in the business sector. The Indigenous business sector in Australia contributes an estimated $12 billion to the national economy. Leaders in Australian business understand the Voice brings the potential to further nurture and grow the Indigenous business sector to benefit the nation as a whole.

At the summit speakers were asked to share their view on trends in Indigenous business practice, sector opportunities in the next 5-10 years, and what makes the Indigenous business model unique. The speakers additionally discussed the growth of research in the area, and how researchers and academics best collaborate with First Nations people, communities, and businesses respectfully, enabling mutually beneficial and culturally appropriate outcomes.

It is an exciting time for Australia to accept the invitation for change, lean in to Closing the Gap, and move forward together to build a richer, more prosperous nation for all.

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First Nations Business Research Summit