Happy Miyanda-ru (Father’s) Day

Sep 2, 2022

Happy Miyanda-ru (Father’s) Day

Today Murawin joins our friends and colleagues to celebrate all men on Father’s Day.

It’s no surprise that for many of us, particularly in First Nations culture, family is our number one driver. Key players within this family dynamic are our miyanda-ru* or fathers and father figures. 

Our father figures help shape us, nurture us, and continue to challenge us throughout our entire lives. Becoming a father is a challenging and rewarding job. You become a teacher, best mate, and a 24-hour ATM!

Murawin is proud of the strong miyanda-ru and father figures that we have within our consultancy.

Murawin’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg McKenzie, who has been a caring father figure to many over the years, had this to share about Father’s Day, “As a father figure and grandfather, or Pop as my family call me, I often spend my days playing and encouraging the kids to engage in life in a full and productive way. But to be quite honest, most of the time they’re the ones teaching me new things. Here are the top four things that my little ones have taught me over the years.” 

1) Run your own race!

There’s no one else like you, so stay true to yourself, do what you love, and don’t measure yourself against others.

2) Treat everyone and every moment like they’re important.

Whether you’re sitting across from a CEO in a boardroom or sitting at the craft table with your granddaughter yarning about why pink is better than purple, listen and show them respect and your full attention. It’s amazing the impact that this has on people and relationships.

3) You sleep soundly with a clear conscious.

So, if you secretly ate the kid’s Oreos and it left them in tears, just be honest and make it up to them with another special treat or activity.

4) Don’t let your past determine your future.

Just because you fell down last time, doesn’t mean you should be fearful or even worse, stop trying.

With another Father’s Day upon us, Murawin wants to take a moment to wish you all a happy day and say thank you to our miyanda-ru.

*Carol Vale, Murawin’s CEO is a Dunghutti woman from NSW. ‘Miyanda-ru’ is the traditional Dunghutti word for ‘father’.