Empowering Australians on the Voice to Parliament

Education and Action Resources

A collection of resources available to learn more, take action and share the conversation. 

Murawin Support a First Nations Voice to Parliament

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Educational Resources

Webinar with Carol Vale on the Voice

Watch a webinar with Carol Vale on Indigenous Constitution recognition through a First Nations Voice to Parliament. Grow your understanding and confidence to speak on the Voice, to start conversations and help move our nation forward together.

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Corporate Action

Corporate Cultural Competency Training

Murawin work with businesses and organisations to deliver unique cultural competency training catered to their needs. In 2023 we offer training focusing on building understanding of the Voice to Parliament. As part of the Yes Campaign we also work with From the Heart and Civility Tech to deliver virtual national corporation staff training. Contact us to discuss.

Murawin Indigenous Voice Consultancy

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Yes Campaign Lab and Launch

Join the movement for change and attend the Yes! Campaign Lab and Campaign Launch for the Voice to Parliament referendum. Together with other members of the Yes! Alliance, you can help build and deliver a winning national campaign.


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Develop a RAP

Murawin works with businesses and organisations to assist them develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Together we can walk through the steps to action a RAP through Reconciliation Australia and create change in your business. Contact us to discuss.

Reconciliation Australia

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Youth / Future Generations

Uluru Youth Network

A diverse group of young people between 18 and 30 years old. We come together from all different boundaries, waterways and lands, standing tall on our ancestors’ shoulders, passionate about the common goal of continuing the fight of our old people, for a better future for our mob, communities and nation as a whole.

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Background Information

Read the Uluru Statement from the Heart

The Voice to Parliament is an action born of the Uluru Statement of the Heart. Voice is the first of three actions the Statement recommends; Voice, Treaty, Truth. The Statement is an invitation to all Australian people to walk together toward a better future.

Uluru Statement from the Heart

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Referendum Council Report 2017

On 30 June 2017, the Referendum Council handed down its report to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. Its job was to advise on progress and next steps towards a successful referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution. View the report.

Referendum Council

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The Australian Reconciliation Barometer

The Australian Reconciliation Barometer (ARB) delves into the heart of our nation to identify the attitudes First Nations and non-Indigenous Australians hold about each other, and about reconciliation in this country. It also attempts to shed some light on opportunities for moving the relationship forward, towards a greater reconciled, shared unity.

If we are to improve the relationship and create an environment which provides equal life chances for all Australians we must also measure, track and understand the underlying values and perceptions that shape this relationship and influence our social interactions and structures. Read the 2022 report.

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What will the Voice look like?

We do not vote on this in the Referendum. The Federal Government works on what the best model of the Voice will be for Australia. They began working on building the foundations a while ago, read the Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process Final Report.

NIAA Report

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Why are people talking about sovereignty?

The Uluru Statement from the Heart addresses Aboriginal sovereignty and recognises “It has never been ceded or extinguished, and co-exists with the sovereignty of the Crown.”  With much talk of sovereignty at the moment, the constitutional law expert group were requested to advise the Prime Minister’s Referendum Working Group if the Voice affected sovereignty. On February 2 they issued the advice: “All members of the Expert Group agreed that the draft provision would not affect the sovereignty of any group or body.”

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From the Heart provide answers to some FAQs

Feel short on time but want to build your confidence on some of the frequently asked questions relating the the Voice to Parliament? Browse FAQs here and feel ready to join and start conversations about the Voice, remember, these questions are frequently asked, most Australians do not feel like experts, but it is our place to talk about it openly.

From the Heart

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Join a Platform / Amplify your Voice

Join an Organisation like Together Yes

Together Yes will be running Kitchen Table Conversations across the nation, inviting ordinary citizens to come together and have meaningful dialogue about colonisation; harm and injustice; the important role of First Nations people and culture in Australia’s identity; and what it would look like to accept an invitation to walk into the future together.

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From the Heart

Prof. Marcia Langton AO

“It is the duty of Australians who want to build a nation that recognises 65,000 years of human history, who want to accord First Peoples a rightful, honourable place in the nation’s fabric, in the warp and weft of its foundational document, to convince their family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues to vote “Yes”. “