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A masterclass on placemaking with an Indigenous approach, for built environment professionals to develop connecting with Country strategies.


How do we respect and integrate Indigenous knowledge, stories, and narratives in our approach?

How do we respectfully and effectively engage and collaborate?

What is the legacy we leave through design, planning and construction?

The masterclass is for:

  • Urban Planners
  • Urban Designers
  • Sustainability Consultants
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Heritage Consultants
  • Infrastructure Planners
  • Project Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Building Designers
  • Engineers
  • Open Space Planners
  • Landscape Architects
  • Developers
  • Local Government Policy Makers
  • Infrastructure Policy Makers


  • $950 per person
  • $700 for PIA, AIA, AILA members
  • $700 per person in a group booking (3 or more)

June 2023 masterclasses are now closed for online registration.

Upcoming dates to be announced.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of an Indigenous Australian approach to place.
  • Explore the opportunities of inter-cultural planning and design.
  • Build capacity to work collaboratively with Indigenous colleagues and communities.
  • Ability to apply culturally informed strategies to place-based projects.
  • Apply frameworks for planning and designing with Country.
  • Grow courage to navigate the process of change.
  • Welcome the future of unique Australian architecture and design.
  • Keep current in built environment planning and design.


The paradigm of western planners and designers in relation to place has traditionally assumed a hierarchy of human activity and economy, over land, culture, and environment. This time is over, today our planning and designs require environmental sustainability and cultural connection.

How will Australian built environment professionals manage the change and stay relevant in the field?

It is now widely recognised that incorporating an Indigenous approach to place allows for balanced connection between environment and culture. Connecting with Country is caring for the people of Country. 

Two Way Planning, Design and Place Masterclass guides built environment placemakers, planners and designers as we step into a different awareness of place strategy. A strategy with awareness of the interdependent relationship between humans and the environment around us.

“Two Way Masterclass is a must for anyone in the built environment field to stay current.”  – 2022 Sydney Masterclass Attendee 

As the NSW Government are ahead of the game in introduction of the Draft Connecting with Country stating, “support the health and wellbeing of Country by valuing, respecting, and being guided by Aboriginal people, who know that if we care for Country – it will care for us”.

Build capacity to work more effectively with Indigenous communities and integrate cultural narratives and First Nations strategies into your design and planning work. Explore the concept of connection to Country and how it impacts our approach as built environment professionals and place makers in Australia in 2023.


  • Run over 1 business day for busy professionals
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Upcoming dates to be announced – register for updates to be kept in the loop
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  • Refreshments and Lunch provided
  • Please provide any dietary requirements during checkout



Join us for courageous planning and design conversations covering topics such as:

  • How do we respect and integrate Indigenous knowledge, stories, and narratives in our approach?
  • How do we respectfully and effectively engage and collaborate?
  • What is the legacy we leave through design, planning and construction?


Group discount:

  • Receive $150 discount each when you book 3 or more tickets together



Affiliate organisation members discount:

About the presenters:

Carol Vale, CEO
Murawin Pty Ltd

Carol Vale is a Dunghutti woman from NSW with extensive experience in public policy and a career spanning over 35 years across a range of portfolio areas including Aboriginal affairs, education, housing, family, and community services. Since resigning from government in 2013, Carol founded Murawin Pty Ltd, where she is committed to creating impact, enhancing leadership, management capabilities and cultural competencies in her clients. For the past few years, she has supported her clients in the planning, infrastructure and development arena to assist with the integration of Country into projects. She has an in-depth appreciation of the challenges and  opportunities for those in leadership roles in walking between two worlds and experience on major government infrastructure and planning projects.

Michelle Howard, Managing Director
Collaborations Pty Ltd

Michelle Howard is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and an internationally accredited facilitator and strategic planner. Born on  Palawa Country, Michelle has worked with Indigenous colleagues and friends since 1988 to integrate a stronger cultural narrative and voice in art, planning and design projects. She recognises the on-going learning, powerful questions and work required to build a ‘two-way’ approach. As Managing Director of Collaborations, she has worked on planning, design and infrastructure projects across Australia for the past 30 years. Michelle’s skills in stakeholder engagement and strategic planning have been sought after by public, private and not-for-profit organisations. She has a reputation for working with diverse constituencies and managing complex issues of change. Michelle is an experienced trainer and mentor within the urban planning and community engagement sectors

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