Research & Evaluation

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy

Murawin values different ways of knowing, being and doing.

We work closely with clients across all levels of government, corporates, the not-for-profit sector and philanthropic foundations to:

  • Conduct culturally responsive, Indigenous-led qualitative research
  • Measure social impact
  • Design policies and services within an Indigenous context
  • Evaluate policies, programs and outcomes, relevant to individuals, organisations and communities

Creating impact that contributes to improved futures for Indigenous Australians sits at the core of our Research and Evaluation work. Evidence and understanding underpin good decision making and is the foundation to creating sustainable impact.

We believe it is essential for the design of policy, programs and interventions to be based on an accurate and nuanced understanding. We work closely with clients and communities to understand their needs and facilitate appropriate methodologies for research and evaluation. Our processes are participatory, inclusive, and foster self-determination.

Let’s talk about your organisation’s culturally responsive Research and Evaluation needs.