Sustainability & Innovation

Murawin works closely with our clients to provide expertise and solutions that centre around Indigenous-led sustainability and innovation.

Indigenous perspectives on sustainability are at the heart of Caring for Country. Caring for Country is featuring more predominantly in operational discussions as recognition and appreciation for Indigenous contributions to environmental management and conservation increases.

Our role in these discussions is to safeguard Country by empowering our clients with tools, advice, strategies and resources that bring Indigenous perspectives on sustainability and innovation into their projects. We achieve this by:

  • Highlighting the need to link contemporary environmental management, with Indigenous people and traditions
  • Embracing Indigenous people’s understanding and knowledge of Country
  • Viewing the Indigenous Connection with Country and with the environment, as a tool for innovation, and
  • Learning from traditional Indigenous sustainability practices that have been used for thousands of years.

This work is essential for ensuring that the control of cultural heritage is preserved and that the cultural landscape, cultural practices, resources and land management are maintained, supported, and continue to thrive into the future.