Connecting with Country Place Strategy

Connecting with Country Place Strategy

Murawin works closely with clients across the infrastructure, architecture, design and ecology sectors to:

  • Appreciate the significance of Country to Indigenous people
  • Emphasise the importance of working with Indigenous communities
  • Highlight the benefits that come from incorporating Indigenous knowledge into planning
  • Understand how infrastructure projects can lead to long term outcomes for Indigenous people

Our work to embed Connecting with Country practices into infrastructure and design projects, is critically important.

This work ensures that Indigenous views are incorporated into infrastructure and planning from inception, through implementation, and then creates ways to connect with Country long into the future, after the project has completed.

This work acknowledges and pays respect to Traditional Custodians, it creates stronger places, and shows us how Indigenous knowledge significantly benefits Place Strategy.

Let’s talk about how your organisation can start to confidently work with the Indigenous community and incorporate Connecting with Country Place Strategy into your projects.