Supply Nation Certified

Murawin is certified by Supply Nation as more than 51% Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned, managed and controlled.

NSWICC Assured

Murawin has been assured by the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce as having met National Policy requirements as upheld by the First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry for being identified as a First Nations Business Owner or Entrepreneur. The NSWICC Assured Logo also means that Murawin has met the prequalification requirements of FACCI Policy for determining a Business or Supplier to be Contract ready.

SEQ ICC Member

Murawin is a member of the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, which is committed to fostering trade, building skills and capability, advocating and generating wealth for Indigenous businesses in SEQ.

Australian Evaluation Society Member

Murawin is a member of the Australian Evaluation Society, which exists to improve the theory, practice and use of evaluation for people involved in evaluation.

International Association of Facilitators Accreditation

Murawin’s CEO, Carol Vale was the FIRST Accredited Aboriginal Facilitator in the IAF. As an IAF member, Murawin affirms and applies the IAF’s Statement of Values and Code of Ethics, the only global professional standard for facilitation practice.


As a SNAICC member, Murawin joins the chorus of Australians speaking up for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families, providing a stronger voice in influencing laws, policy and processes to improve outcomes.

The Australian Sociological Association Member

As a member of TASA – The Australian Sociological Association – Murawin is part of a strong network of professional Australian sociologists, framed by the interrelated values of integrity, equity and transformation.

Change Management Institute Member

As a member of the Change Management Institute, Murawin is aligned with the world’s leading organisation committed to the advancement of the change management profession.

Australasian Facilitators Network Member

As a member of the Australasian Facilitators Network, Murawin shares a passion for facilitation and participatory practice in pursuit of better communication, understanding, collaboration and harmony in workplaces, communities, and the world at large.

Planning Institute Australia Member

Murawin’s CEO, Carol Vale is a member of PIA’s Knowledge Circle, which is helping PIA to develop their Indigenous strategy and to build the cultural competency of PIA members and the broader sector. Murawin is a member of Planning Institute Australia (PIA), the national body representing planning and the planning profession. Through our membership, PIA guides Murawin in our role of creating better communities.

The Institute for Learning & Performance

Murawin is a member of The Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP), a leading industry body for those wanting to enhance the performance, capability, or behaviours of others.

SHEEO Activator

Murawin CEO, Carol Vale is a SHEEO Activator, part of a global community of radically generous women and non-binary folks, working to transform systems.

Australian Institute of Company Directors Member

Murawin CEO, Carol Vale is part of Australia’s leading network of directors, working together to strengthen society through world-class governance.

MURRA Indigenous Business Program Alumnus

Murawin CEO, Carol Vale is an Alumnus of the Melbourne Business School’s MURRA Indigenous Business Program. Carol forms part of a group of Indigenous professionals who are joined by a common purpose to develop business opportunities for the benefit of their communities.